August 25, 2001 was definitely a sad day for the Hip-Hop culture and community. We lost an icon, always duplicated, never recreated. During her career she set the bar by just being herself, and was very successful doing so. A shy personality, and a tomboy swag that was still effortlessly sexy, yet able to draw in so many. This took her far, and is what set her apart from the rest. Unfortunately the world never got to see what else Aaliyah had to bring. Would her and Dame Dash be a powerful couple? Would her and Bey be good friends? How many Grammys would she have? Luckily her classic albums, and box office movies will live on. 15 years later we haven’t forgot, and never will.

My favorite video was always “Back In One Piece,” I loved her looks and the chemistry her and DMX had. It was also for her movie, Romeo Must Die. Divas, what was your favorite?

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