Trump rallies have become super popular amongst his supporters. College students have been going to these rallies to either protest, do a social experiment, or just to listen and get an inside look at what’s really going on in the head of Trump and his supporters. Things took an ugly turn at the last rally when a young black man was punched by a random white supporter when being escorted out by the police. The most mind-boggling part about this situation is that the police did nothing to the man who punched the social experimenter but immediately attacked the black man and pinned him down to the ground. The assault continued to enjoy his time at the rally while the black man and his friend were escorted out. Check video out here:

Assaulter was arrested later when news got around and tapes went viral, but he was praised for his violent actions. If this is not racism and white privilege at its finest I am not sure what is, but THEY still say that it doesn’t exist? They still say that we need to move on and let the scars of America heal, *inserts new eye roll emoji*.  Trump of course egged it on and was yelling “Get them out, Get them out” and more tom foolery. This is really taking a turn for the worst, and making America look terrible to outsiders.