Army Reserve officer…check.

IT Analyst…check.

HBCU graduate…check.

Divine 9 member…check.

Beautiful chocolate goddess…check.

Oh and not to mention the new 2016 Miss USA…check!



If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m talking about Deshauna Barber! Formerly known as Miss District of Columbia, Deshauna slayed the Miss USA pageant on Sunday June 5th and came out on top. Black girls from all over were glued to their television screens as she elegantly graced the stage last night and represented us like the articulate, graceful, and uplifting women that we truly are.

Every black girl in the world, since it’s clearly our year. #MISSUSA

— Dani Kwateng-Clark (@danikwateng) June 6, 2016
Before the pageant Barber stated, “I’m being able to say that no one pageant girl does the same thing or has the same background, and I’m also saying that no one soldier has the same background and does the same thing. We can be feminine, we can be in beauty contests, we can be models. So there’s stereotypes on both sides that I feel like I’m breaking by even being here and being able to compete for Miss USA.” And break stereotypes is exactly what she did.

Barber worked as an IT analyst for the U.S. Department of Commerce and was commissioned as a Quartermaster Officer in the U.S. Army 2011. She is also currently a Logistics Commander for the 988th Quartermaster Detachment Unit at Fort Meade, Maryland. It’s safe to say that Deshauna has a lot of beauty and brains.


Get you a girl that can do both

— Female Struggles (@FemaleTexts) June 6, 2016

The Virginia State University graduate and Sigma Gamma Rho member had a support system that was through the roof on social media! Seeing my peers come together to uplift and root another woman on was genuinely a beautiful moment. Little African American girls everywhere were watching the television seeing someone who looked like them being crowned as Miss USA. An inspiring moment to say the least.


Blacks girls have learned to embrace and flaunt their melanin more than ever and yesterday a dark-skinned Queen was crowned as our 2016 Miss USA! Now you really can’t tell us nothing! Deshauna is beautiful inside and out and everything that a Miss USA should embody. Next step..Miss Universe and you know we are supporting Deshauna all the way!