Well this is pretty damn trippy! Press play.

Bryson Tiller just dropped  his visual for  his latest single, “Sorrows.”

This is the Louisville crooners first official video of 2021, as he travels through time and space across the sandy dunes of Egypt in pursuit of love.

Pen Griffey is also gearing up to headline a concert live from a  baseball field in his hometown in Kentucky. Tiller is reportedly planning to use XR technology, state-of-the-art set designs and VFX to bring his Trapsoul and Anniversary albums to life. The highly anticipated performance will stream via Moment House on March 18th.


Tiller also recently informed his fans that his next album, Serenity, will be a triple-album featuring rap, R&B and pop.

“Over the years, I realized how much fu**in’ music I had for Serenity, all this different shit, so Serenity is not one album, it’s three albums,” he told fans during a Twitch livestream. “It’s three volumes of the albums—one is a rap album, one is an R&B album, and then one is a pop album.”