Yes, arrested. The day after Fathers Day.

Diddy has been arrested for allegedly assaulting  a UCLA football coach with a deadly weapon.

Diddy’s son,  Justin Combs, is a defensive back on the team. The director of community relations Nancy Greenstein confirmed the arrest and the university issued a statement saying the altercation took place at the Acosta Athletic Training Complex.

Diddy got into an argument with assistant football coach, Sal Alosi, after he heard him screaming & cursing at Justin during a strength & conditioning session.  According to reports, Diddy tried to confront Alosi in his office after the practice but was told to “hang on a sec” while Alosi finished a phone call. That’s when Diddy allegedly swung a kettle bell barely missing the coaches face.

Diddy was arrested by campus police & booked on felony assault was expected to be transported to the LA County Sheriff’s Department Inmate Reception Center. The incident is still being investigated.

Word is, Alosi is a former NFL coach who was suspended back in 2010 for tripping a player. Clearly he was trippin’ a little too much and Diddy wasn’t having it. But then again, we all know Diddy’s bank account is loaded so I wouldn’t be surprised if Alosi sued.


Diddy has officially been charged:

3 counts of assault with a deadly weapon

1 Count of making terrorist threats

1 count of battery

He was released on bail after posting a $50K bond.