Courtesy of Revolt Music Conference

Courtesy of Revolt Music Conference


Looks like the first ever Revolt Music Conference #RMC2014 turned out to be a major success! Executives, music artist, producers, media personalities & bloggers from all over flocked to Miami’s  to gain insight on the industry & brand building & networking.

Courtesy Of Revolt Music Conference

photo: courtesy of Revolt Music Conference

Multi-million dollar media mogul, Sean “Diddy” Combs held a very valuable Q&A panel where he shared real life experiences, admitted he was an asshole & gave advice on how important it is to balance success & family.

On Turning Dreams Into Reality
“You can’t be afraid to close our eyes and dream something that’s so crazy it’s not of this planet… But then you wake up, you have to face the reality of what it’s going to take to achieve that dream. Especially if you’re a person of color. It’s going to be four, five times as hard for you to get on.

“Nobody is going to give you nothing out here. You’re going to have to literally go and take it, in a positive way: by earning it, working hard every day, and doing the things no one else is going to do — including getting cheese cake.”

On the Hardest Business Decision He’s Ever Made
“Looking in the mirror at myself. When you get a lot of success, it definitely turns you into an asshole, or it magnifies who you are, so you’d had to have been an asshole before.
You have to look from within… You have to start making some choices that’s best for the business. Right now we have over 3,000 people that work for Combs Enterprises. I can’t make personal decisions like “My boy is on — I have to keep my boy on.” I’m making decisions for everybody.

“The hardest thing is change, and that personal change is one of the hardest business decisions I had to make. It wasn’t about money. It was about what effect I was going to have, who I was going to decide to be, and what my purpose was going to be as a businessman.”

Peep the entire video of Diddy’s Q&A  HERE