One things for sure, two things for certain: Diva is always going to keep it a HUNNID baby!

So why not share my plastic surgery journey?! During Women’s History month!? For all of my ladies and mom’s who just need that extra motivation to kickstart a renewed healthy lifestyle!

I was so happy to bring my surgeon, Dr. Gabriel Santiago and the owner of The Glow Plastic Surgery, Joven Rita on to FOX 5 DC to talk about the uptick in plastic surgery procedures during the pandemic.

My decision to do awake plastic surgery was an easy sell. My surgery was done on a weekend so I rested the rest of the weekend and I’ve been working non-stop from home ever since. That’s right, I’ve had absolutely no down time.  


While under local anesthesia I couldn’t feel any pain. I felt some uncomfortableness for sure. But pain? No. Later that night I definitely felt soreness. As if a I’d been beaten up pretty badly but it was nothing a little Tylenol Extra Strength couldn’t handle. Your doctor will likely prescribe you a heftier pain killer if you need it.

Would I Do It Again?

In a heartbeat! Honey, plastic surgery is not that taboo anymore!  They are constantly innovating the way it’s done because the risk of someone dying from this type of procedure is very slim. Using local anesthesia and not being put to sleep, makes it even less risky. (Less downtime too!)  What I enjoyed the most was the hour break with fruit snacks and Netflix while allowing the local anesthesia to work through and numb my tummy area before Dr. Santiago went to work with his cannula. Also, if at any point during the procedure I felt I needed even more local anesthesia, he could add more.


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