After getting a tutorial on Snapchat from the Snap king himself, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel braced himself as he sat down with DJ Khaled for a new hilarious interview dubbed, ‘3 Ridiculous Questions.’

Clearly sponsored by Ciroc, the Q&A segment also allowed Khaled to share with us a very important life lesson when using the words, ‘bless up!”

“I call everybody bless up because that’s a greeting. If I see you, ‘Bless up, Jimmy.’ If I don’t know your name, ‘Bless up!’ It’s called positive vibes. It’s called bless up.” But what happens if someone sneezes? That one’s easy. “Bless you, But still bless up at the same time.”

I mean, we all get a kick out of Khaled’s infamous quotes and he probably gets a kick out of walking to the bank. #mogultalk