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GUWOP HOME! Or is that a clone?

Gucci Mane was released from prison six months early in May, and the Atlanta rapper seems like a changed man. Physically, Gucci mane is sporting a six pack of abs in place of his signature rounded belly & well, the signature ice cream cone face tattoo is gone less visible. Hinting at an attempt at tattoo laser removal.


Thanks to his ride or die, Keyshia Ka’oir’s snapchat, we’ve been given a sneak peek of the trap legend’s transition back into the game. Instead of all white bricks & hitting licks, the ‘new Gucci’ speaks of eating fruits & veggies, vintage Cartier frames & appreciating the small blessings in life. Gucci rapped on Kanye West’s recent Cruel Winter single “Champions,” Now that Gucci home/ It’s over for you Gucci clones.

That’s where the conspiracist come in…



 Mann if y’all don’t GTFOHWTBS! 

It’s baffling to believe that we live in a world that would rather believe Gucci Mane is a government clone instead of a man who went to prison and come out a better person. In case you forgot, Guwop has had a pretty extensive legal record since 2005.

Gucci has addressed the allegations with a quick snap video;

“I will not support or deny those claims.”

Listen kids. Gucci mane is not a government clone. Ya uncle could’ve gotten it together after his first prison stint but he didn’t. Don’t take it out on Gucci.

Instead, get prepared for this new fire ass track he’s about to release with Young Thug dropping any minute now.