Every summer you must take a trip or two, to the beach…it’s so necessary! But taking a little beach day vacation doesn’t have to mean putting your healthy lifestyle to the side!

Here are 5 health tips for your day of fun in the sun!


1. Eat breakfast!!!
Beach trips usually mean early morning road trips causing you to skip the most important meal of the day. No no no!! Make sure to have a quick protein shake, or some fruit early in the morning, just to add fuel to your body. Plus, you don’t want to get to the beach hungry and have to spend lots of money on unhealthy treats. No bueno!

2. Pack Your Meals
That leads me to my next tip; pack your snacks and meals!! Its super easy, super cost effective and can be super healthy too. So fill up the cooler with fruits, nuts, lunchmeat, or your favorite healthy snack and you’re all set!


3. Water, Water, WATER!

You must stay hydrated while being out in the sun all day, IT’S SO IMPORTANT!!! Remember to pack lots of water!


4. Save the cocktails!

Save the sugary drinks, they have wayyyy too many carbs! Wine or straight alcohol served alone or with club soda and a splash of fresh fruit juice are a better choice! My favorite is vodka, club soda with fresh lemon juice! Super yummy, zero carbs and only 64 calories!


5. Get moving!
Oh how tempting it is to stretch out in the sand all day with the sounds of the ocean relaxing you, drink in hand, or maybe while reading your favorite book. Believe me, I love it too. But at least spend 30 minutes to an hour of your beach day walking around the beach, walking the boardwalk, playing your favorite sport in the sand, dancing… anything! Just GET MOVING!


With these easy 5 tips, your beach day vacay doesn’t have to send your diet down the drain! Thank me later!


Enjoy 🙂