Ryan Turk, a middle school student of Prince William County, Va., has been charged with stealing a carton of milk. A carton. Of Milk.

Turk & his parents explained the scenario in an exclusive report from local Washington news outlet, WJLA-TV, saying he signed up for a free lunch program at Graham Park Middle School and was indeed entitled to the milk he reportedly stole.

Turk explained that he forgot to grab his milk when he went through the lunch line initially and went back to retrieve a carton. An on-duty Prince William County police officer accused the boy of stealing the free milk and attempted to corner him inside the school’s cafeteria.
Although Turk admits to jerking away from the cop, he wasn’t anticipating being handcuffed and charged with a larceny charge over a $.65 carton of milk.

The case is under appeal but the county school board at the moment.

Can you say, PETTY.COM?