Let’s talk about how Cardi B may officially be drippin’ in Finesse!

Da Dirt is—Mr. Bruno Mars has reportedly recorded a remix to his 24K Magic jam Finesse featuring the Bronx stripper turned superstar.

A sound manager assistant says she worked on the visual and shared a non-disclosure agreement along with details on the video shoot on Instagram.

“My star struck ass helped the sound manager record a video for Bruno Mars and Cardi, allll night. They literally record for 12+ hours just to get 4 minutes of video time!! But they work sooo hard like it’s literally their JOB!”

It’s unclear when the remix will drop, but there is a rumor that Mars will release new music on Jan. 4.

How dope is it to go from tweeting back one of your favs to actually shooting a video and releasing a song with them?

The Grammy nominated bombshell has her second solo single, ‘Bartier Cardi’ holding down the No. 2 spot on iTunes while finishing up her album, slated for a 2018 release.

She also may be working with J.Lo on a new DJ Khaled collab. That’s major.

Keep killin’ em Cardi.