Kendrick Lamar has been killing it lately, with his thought provoking performances on The Grammy’s and other late night shows. Kendrick’s voice is finally being heard, and day one fans couldn’t be more proud that he is getting all that he deserves. Yesterday Kendrick dropped “Untitled Unmastered” on every single streaming platform you can think of! We can all find the album SOMEWHERE and be able to indulge in this master piece. Unless you are really stuck in the 90’s and don’t stream at all LOL.

The song’s on these tracks includes a lot of his released and unreleased songs that he has been performing lately.  The album has an extreme Jazz feel, and aesthetically resembles To Pimp A Butterfly at first listen. You can hear this album on your neighborhood streaming website, it is kind of exciting not to have to go searching for an album this year or having to download a new streaming app that we aren’t used to. So PROUD of Kendrick, he continues to do his own thing and rise.