Kendrick Lamar took over the entire Grammy’s this year from his 11 nominations to his theatrical history making ¬†performance. Kendrick channeled Michael Jackson in “They Don’t Care About Us” by walking out as part of a chain gang to perform “The Blacker The Berry” with his band locked inside jail cells(cages). For true Kendrick Lamar fans, we weren’t shocked at all!¬†Kendrick is very intentional when it comes to his art, he never fails to deliver lyrically or visually and we are so happy that the world finally gets to see all that he is capable of.

Lamar followed up “The Blacker The Berry” and began performing “Alright”, African dancers led him into the next song. There was no coincidence in the song selection and order. Yea, they might try to trap our bodies but they can not trap our minds and we are going to be alright. Lamar performed in front of a giant bonfire, the energy was insane! Kendrick then switched gears into his new song “Untitled 3”, which ended the set perfectly. It was raw, it was real, and it spoke volumes! The set ended with a visual of Africa, and Compton written in the middle. The audience jaws were basically on the floor, jaw-dropping. Another “woke” performance for the books. Oh, and did we mention Kendrick took him 7/11 Grammys?! Keep making us proud, TDE!!!!

Check out K’s performance right here: