Let’s talk about these Kylie Cosmetics lip kits! Kylie Jenner the youngest sibling of the Kardashian-Jenner clan launched her own lip line and apparently everybody loves them. Lip colors Like, Literally, Heir, Exposed and Kourt K just to name a few range from matte liquid lipsticks, to metallics and glosses. Just this past weekend Kylie released a new shade for us to enjoy, Dead of Knight, a black shade for the summer?! Yeaaahhh I don’t know what’s up with that either, but Kylie likes it and I guess we love it because it is SOLD OUT online only 4 days into sale.

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Kylie clearly has her hands full of orders from devoted fans and beauty queens alike. Even makeup gurus that we love like @MakeupShayla support Kylie Cosmetics and can be seen lip modeling some of Kylie’s shades.
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Go head witcha bad self Kylie, we see you out here making your paper girl! And just when we thought she was done, Kylie is releasing another color KyMajesty on June 16th. Will we ever get these colors in stores homie or will we have to stare at your sold out website forever?

Keep your eyes on Sky for more insiders!

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