Long over due if you ask me!

After 200 million albums sold worldwide, 18 No. 1 Singles & twenty five years ager releasing her debut album, Mariah Carey received her very own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Her fans shut down Hollywood Blvd for the diva who looked stunning in her all black gown during the August 5th ceremony. And of course she bought #DemBabies, Moroccan and Monroe along for the historical event…who made it clear that despite her accomplishments, to them, she’s just mommy.

dembabies IF dembaby

photos: Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

Moroccan even thought it was a good time to cuddle with mommy, but was quickly pulled away, too cute!

L.A. Reid praised his “musical wife” for her compassion. “This is my love letter to my favorite artist in the entire world,” he said. “You are the sweetest, kindest, most gentlest soul I have ever met in my life, and as your name is immortalized on this Walk of Fame for all of your success, it is my wish that you get two stars, one for you and one for your character.”

Lee Daniels, who cast Mariah in movies including Precious, also attested to her kindness. “She is the queen, she is the one. Her heart transcends her stardom,” he proclaimed.

He also revealed that Mariah will be appearing on the upcoming season of “Empire.”