Floyd Mayweather’s  Ex fiancee, Shantel Jackson, held a press conference yesterday announcing that she is suing Mayweather for  assault, battery, defamation, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, harassment and more.


According to the documents Jackson claims Mayweather first got physical with her back in 2012, right after he was released from jail for a domestic incident with another woman. She says he twisted her arm & choked her during an argument over her cell phone.

Another incident occurred where Mayweather allegedly bent her arm to restrain her while pointing a gun at her foot asking “which toe do you want me to shoot?”

Jackson also claims she was held a gun point and forced to return her 17 carat diamond engagement ring. And that Mayweather invaded her privacy when he posted her sonogram on social media claiming the “real” reason why they broke up was because “she killed his babies.”