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Listen here Rih Rih; this here album is highly anticipated.

Last week during a gallery showing in L.A,  the pop star announced the title & art work for her long -awaited eighth LP . The cover art, painted by Roy Nachum, shows a young Rih Rih on her first day of daycare with a gold crown covering her eyes. It also features braille poetry by Chloe Mitchel.

According to sources, the project will drop November 6th ! This will make the fifth time Rihanna has released an album during the month of November.

Rihanna has yet to explain the long 35 month wait since her last album release , or the decision on the bold artwork but we can rest assure any news about the album will be directly from the pop queen herself.

Last November she tweeted:

 ANY news about #R8 will be delivered directly from me!

BLOOP!In the meantime, Rihanna will perform at “The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show,” which will air Dec. 8 on CBS.

And she had a very revealing conversation with New York Times Magazine about her biggest fears in life & why she thought she could change Chris Brown. Peep the full interview here hunnie, it’s TEA!