Issa Rae just did a super dope  interview with the Icy Girl herself, Saweetie for a special Women’s Month episode of Apple Music’s “Issa Raedio Show.”  During the interview the ‘Back To The Streets’ rapper revealed which female rapper she thinks has the best rap bar in female rap history, why she draws her sexy side from Missy Elliott and how she discovered Nicki Minaj on the internet.

It’s no surprise the rap line Saweetie chose to highlight was from none other than the Queen Bee, Lil Kim’s ‘Not Tonight.”

I like when she says, ‘Tryin’ to impress me with your five G stones / I’ll give you 10 Gs, ni**a, if you leave me alone.’ When I heard that, I was like…I felt it. I knew what she meant and that’s just the most boss thing someone could ever say. Like, I love that line.”

When it comes to her new music, Saweetie admits that it took her some time to cultivate her own sound and find the right team of producers:

I used to struggle with my sound. I didn’t know how to properly deliver. I didn’t know what inflection was. I couldn’t find producers who made sense with my brand and my voice because all those things were congruently to make a good song.

When it comes to her music, the Bay Area rap princess says she’s excited for fans to finally get to know her through her music.

“I definitely feel like Icy and High Maintenance were highly produced, great sound quality bodies of work, but I still feel like people didn’t understand me. And while in quarantine people have learned about me through my content. I think this is a time for people to get to know me through my music, which is so important to me.”