You can’t bring in a New Year without hearing Skillz wrap up the year on wax! It’s a Hip Hop tradition!

“You only got two friends why you tryna go live?”

For the past thirteen years, Skillz has mastered the art of recapping the best and worse of each year with his end of the year wrap up.

 “Dog, we made a reality star the president / And that makes me sick / Talkin’ ’bout I gotta give him a chance, nah, I ain’t gotta give him shit / It’s gon’ be hard to cope / You can’t have progress if you don’t have hope.”

Never missing a beat, or a memorable moment, the 2016 Rap Up touches on Donald Trump, mumble rappers, Khaled on Snapchat, Pokemon Go, how Beyonce’ had everyone drinking LEMONADE, the mannequin challenge, and the long list of talented people we lost.