Leonardo has been acting since the 80’s and has played some of our favorite roles, from The Titanic to Pirates Of The Carribean. Leo has been delivering year after year when it comes to this acting game, and yet still no Oscar? This year Leo finally gets an award for best actor for The Revenant. His speech was beautiful and more so about everyone and else, and not himself. This win is┬áso humbling if Leo can continue to work hard without recognition so can we! A lot of the times we feel as though all of the goals we are accomplish are dormant when they are not recognized by our peers. True light shines no matter what, and what we have realized about these “award shows” and about life is that you have to clap for your damn self! Even if you don’t get the recognition or title that “looks good” to the public, people see you shining! The haters aren’t going to say anything at all, but trust they see that light. Keep pushing and doing things for you and the betterment of the world and everything will fall into place. Stay humble. Stay True. Stay Focused.