On Friday I had the chance to see the queen for the 100th time! As always she slayed the stage. For years her tour “The BeyoncĂ© Experience” for the B’day album has been my favorite and now the Formation Tour may just be my second favorite. Here’s my Top 5 favorite moments of the show!


1.The Beehive was in full effect with Beyonce paraphernalia. From “I twirl on my haters” “I slay” “fresher than you” to Ivy Park gear. I saw it all. So many cute outfits and cute fans reppin’ for the Queen!

2. She bought some throwbacks out the vault. The hive knows she tends to neglect some of her earlier catalog these days, so when she started singing “diamonds on my neck, diamonds in my records..” (lyrics from Kitty Kat), meshed with Sorry, true fans were too hype!

3. The stage craft was cray! Only BeyoncĂ© can surpass herself. When you’ve done everything possible how do you do that? Add fireworks, blowing fire, confetti, and dance in water during your show, with the tallest background screen ever to make sure everybosy sees every little detail!


4. My friends are down with the program. They know I’m a fanatic and they don’t complain anymore when I drag them along. (they low-key love her too)

5. The Prince tribute was beautiful. Bey always pays homage to those who’ve paved the way. With a cover of The Beautiful Ones, and a big purple screen lighting the stadium, she left the crowd in an “awe” moment!