What would you do if Andre 3000 hopped into your Uber on a nice calm evening?

Andre 3000 was on his way to Kanyes “Swish” studio session and decided to call “The Ubz” for a ride. Andre accidentally ordered an “Uber pool”, which means multiple people going to the same destination car pool in one Uber for a cheaper price.  We already knew Andre was Trill especially after the legendary “Players Anthem”, but this situation solidified how humble of a human being Andre truly is.

Most celebrities would have ordered another Uber because they feel as though they are too good to “car pool” with the public. Andre did just the opposite, he enjoyed his ride with the passenger and even invited her to Kanye’s Studio session! How cool is that?!

This make Andre one of the coolest, forever ever.




“A Pennie For Your Thoughts”