R&B songstress Kehlani is finally speaking out for the first time since her attempted suicide incident back in March.

“I’m very honest with the people that support me. It wasn’t a first time thing and that’s not OK. That’s not OK for anyone, not the people around you, not the people who love you, not the people who care about you.”

Kehlani added that she will be working to raise awareness about suicide prevention, because she feels these issues are often overlooked.

“It’s something that so many young people are dealing with,” she said. “So many young people just slip under the rug to things like depression and severe anxiety and many disorders that people know nothing about.”

News that Kehlani was in hospitalized for attempted suicide immediately followed harsh criticism & slander all over social media. That same day, PARTYNEXTDOOR posted an image of the singer in his bed. Some who thought Lani was still in a relationship with NBA star Kyrie Irving dragged her for cheating on the Cleveland Cavalier. Irving has publicly  wished her well and made it clear in her defense, that they were indeed broken up prior to the photo being posted.

On the music side of things, peep her latest single, “24/7” that takes on the crazy rollercoaster of life.

 “It’s OK to not be OK/  To dive in your pain / And it’s alright to not be alright / To search for your light.”