Highlighting is a widely practiced makeup trend that can be used for done up special occasion looks or on an everyday basis. The purpose of highlighting is to emphasize the areas on your face that light naturally hits and there are many shimmer highlight products that can be used to illuminate the face. Check out this week’s #HolyGrail to find out the product that I used to create the highlighted look pictured. No matter what product you use, it’s important to target the correct areas of your face to achieve the dewy finish in the right spots. I’ve created a diagram that points out all of the appropriate areas for highlight.

Target areas include:

Temples and forehead, down the center of nose, brow bone, cupid’s bow, tear ducts, cheekbones and upper chin. You can apply highlight with a fan brush, some use a smaller more compact brush and sometimes the best brush of all is your fingers.


This is the fan brush that I use from Sephora. This brush costs $27.

This is the fan brush that I use from Sephora. This brush costs $27.

Highlighting is very simple to do, some people highlight without the full contour process. Whatever works for you, go for it. Your beauty regimen is yours and there’s no right or wrong way to highlight, you hit the areas you like, but here’s a guide to know where to aim. Any diva can create¬†this effortless illuminated¬†look!

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