The Fourth of July is here and I’m sure your weekend is planned with lots of fun activities.

In the midst of all the cookouts, drinking and partying… what about your workout? Have you planned that?

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Here’s a quick 4-move workout that you can fit in absolutely anywhere!

Exercise one: Burpee
Targets: legs, core, and booty
giphy (26)

Exercise two: Crunches
Targets: core

giphy (27)

Exercise three: Pushups
Targets: arms, chest

giphy (28)

Exercise four: Leg raises
Targets: core, booty

giphy (29)

For each move, do as many as you can in one minute. After you’ve completed each round of exercises, repeat four more times.

Wahla! A quick 4-move, 20-minute workout that is sure to keep you slim and trim this weekend!

Happy 4th!

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