Chris Rock jokingly introduced Stacey Dash as the director for The Oscars Minority Outreach Program last night during the show, she came out and  wished African Americans a Happy Black History Month. If you haven’t been keeping up with Stacey Dash’s commentary watch the clip below where she discusses the boycotting of the Oscars and claims that their shouldnt be networks such as BET and celebrations like Black History Month. The BET comment was very ironic, because if we aren’t mistaken Stacey had a reoccuring role on one of their hit series “The Game” *inserts confused emoji*. The joke was next level and broke the internet for the night. Everything about it is still very confusing, whose idea was this? What was their intention when doing such a thing? Was it to make an ass out of Stacey Dash? Was it to break more ice, and make light of the situation at hand? It was pretty intense and the faces in the crowd spoke for the silence!





Weeknd-put-hand-his-face-Stacey-Dash-walked-off-stage Chrissy