The people are not to happy about Zoe Saldana being casted as musician and culture shaker, Nina Simone in an upcoming biopic. Petitions have been formed, people are even protesting! Although Zoe Saldana is in fact a black woman, people feel as though she is not the woman who should be playing Nina Simone. To others Zoe Saldana has features that allow her to fit Hollywoods standards of beauty, allowing her to get more roles then other black actresses who don’t have the small nose, light skin, and silky hair. Fans dig deeper and talk about the work that Nina Simone has done, her art subjects surrounded the struggle that a dark skin African American female goes through. Dark skin women in her time were ignored, and basically erased from society! If you were dark skin you were basically dirt, in the days of Nina Simone and some of those negative connotations  still live on today.

Fans are so confused as to why a light skin women was casted to play this role, although after watching the trailer we could not tell that it was Zoe Saldana due to all of the makeup and fixes. There are so many amazing up and coming or seasoned actors who would have killed this role, like Lupita Nyongo perhaps? Just a suggestion. We are not picking sides here at all, but just giving our readers food for thought. We believe that Zoe is an amazing actress, and we hope she delivers and makes us forget it is her and see Nina Simone. Check out the trailer here, we did not see Zoe Saldana’s essence at all. What do you think? Are the casting directors wrong for not choosing a dark skin girl? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.