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 I Don’t Trust Girls That Don’t Have Friends, Here’s Why


I realize I’m very blessed to have childhood best friends in my life and a close circle of female friends who keep everything A1 with me. Not everyone is blessed in that way, but I can’t trust a chick who doesn’t have girlfriends.


Girlfriend-less women are special breeds. We call them strays. Aimlessly bouncing from clique to clique. Posting photos with the chick(s) she was just poppin’ sh*t about. Opportunist. These type of women have a twisted sense of loyalty and never make genuine connections. It may because they’re manipulative or self-absorbed, or a little bit of both. No matter the issue, they are the common denominator for a reason.


I don’t know where I would be without my best friends! Seriously!  I’m what you call a “girls girl” so I’m all about screaming Spice Girl lyrics to the top of our lungs with hairbrush microphones in our pajamas type of Girls Trip shit. I literally have like six best girlfriends (five pictured). I admire and love them all the same, just for different reasons. We chat everyday. I have line-sisters or college girlfriends with whom I’m pretty tight with too. All of the friendships I attract all have one thing in common: beautiful girls who are witty, book smart, street smart, independent & knows how to let loose and party!

See, you find out a lot about a person by their circle of friends. Those are the people who can vouch that you’re accountable, trustworthy, dependable and self-less. I just find it hard to trust the type of women who don’t have anyone to vouch for their character.


Now please do not get this type of woman confused with someone who is a loner and chooses to roll through life solo dolo. That’s different than the I wanna-be-down-like-Brandy type of chick. I recognize that some women may not have many girlfriends because of their past bad experiences with women. I totally get that. But come on, even Oprah has Gale.


I believe every woman should at least have one close female friend they confide in. Girl time is important! (Some people really don’t know what it is to BE A GOOD FRIEND in the first place, but we’ll go over Girl Code another day!) I get best of both worlds because I am a girls girl and I also work in an industry full of men, which allows me to be the homegirl too. Any chick who’s ever crossed me, literally becomes dead to me. My friendship is too much of an asset to have to question loyalty. I’m not sure why Rihanna and I aren’t real life BFF’s yet but anyway, back to what I was saying…

I don’t do strays boo.

Me and my clique roll tight like The Firm.


  1. Nikkee

    Love Love Love!! I have made this statement and people think I’m cruel. How can I consider friendship with someone who bounces from girlfriend-ship to girlfriend-ship!

  2. KnownToWalkAlone

    So I’m not sure if I’m what you call stray or a loaner. I never was the type to have a ton of close friends or ppl to call friends in general. I only had maybe two or three ppl growing up I would call BFF. One passed away in middle school after that my other “BFF” and I grew apart. Fast forward to college I had one bff left we’ve known each other since 3rd grade. it grew into a Frenemy type of relationship in high school. We were always competing with each other from grades to boys (I always lost there lol) to even finding the perfect outfits. We went to two different universities but still managed to stay close. Fast forward to about 3 yrs ago she had a kid and our relationship took a turn. She was still focused on chasing fuckboys lying to her parents and became irrational/less dependable altogether (she was always like this but not this extreme and we were young and she didn’t have a child then). I cut her off after she lied to me about something material. it wasn’t the fact that I never received the money she agreed to give me ($500) but the fact she still felt the need to lie to me and avoid me as close as we were (I was always honest with her on everything). Only time I’d hear from her was when she wanna discuss drama on whatever guy she messed with for the moment and her BD drama. Am I wrong for doing so? I miss her but I feel like she is too immature and irresponsible. I’m not sure if I only miss her also because I literally have no close friends. I guess i didn’t care then because I had grown close to a coworker but I had to end that friendship only a yr later because she betrayed me on “our vacation” that she was so pressed for me to attend (that’s an entire story in itself). Now I roll solo I have some nice female friends but we aren’t close. it’s easier because I’m not paranoid and there’s no confrontations (which I don’t deal well with at all) but I sure miss having those special girl moments! I feel like at my age (26) if I don’t have “female squad” there probably won’t ever be one.

    • Dominique Da Diva

      You are not wrong! Who welcomes that type of unnecessary drama into their life? Sheeeeesh. Lying and vacation betrayals!! Crazy! You’re probably super sweet and that’s why they feel like they can do those things to you LOL!

      You may miss her because it’s natural to long for companionship but its more important to protect your energy by placing it around like-minded people. It’s okay that you don’t have a “clique.” (26 is very young by the way!! LOL) You don’t seem to be the problematic here. It’s very possible for you to attend an event and click with someone or a group or another co-worker in the future. Rolling solo as I mentioned isn’t a bad thing at all. People would be surprised at how much I roll dolo myself (despite having several close friends, we don’t all live in the same cities). As long as you have a support system, family, coworkers or friend–you will be just fine! Thanks for sharing! -DIVA

  3. Trice

    ❤️❤️ love this!

  4. nittayuji

    Thanks beautiful ❤️

  5. Carla

    Yes, girl time every now and then is so imperative, I don’t know what I would do without my best friend. I do however, miss my childhood friends. I tried to keep in touch with them but was always moving around. Having a great support circle around you tends to keep me sane. Also, gets me through my roughest times.

  6. Carla

    Yes Diva, loved this! I lost touch with my childhood friends and still think about them! But along the way, I met some marvelous people. I don’t know what I would do without those crazy girls.

  7. LaToya

    Wow, it’s funny how I ran into this because I’m sitting here stressing my self out thinking bout how my X GFriends post shits up on there story and post bout this is true friends forever n etc. which I feel like I shouldn’t be worried about them . n I have a best friend who I am not friends with no more because she will put them bitches first before me . N I seriously have to cut them off because they talk behind my back especially . Everything was just a mess I swear I wish I can talk to u person. I have a whole family and married and a new circle who been there for me n just so bless to have my girls n plus husband.

    • LaToya

      But other then that by reading this blog just have me thinking a lot. I love this

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