“If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

This quote proves to be so accurate, especially at the start of a new week. Here are some ways to prep your fitness week for success!

1. Meal Prep

One of my favorite things to do is prep my meals! All it takes is a little cooking time and your set for the rest of the week! It’s convenient and quick and ensures that you won’t cheat on your diet.

2. Plan Workouts

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When it comes to working out, how will you do it? You have to plan this! Are you planning to go to the gym this week? Are you planning to workout at home? Plan your workouts! Decide exactly how you will achieve your goals this week.

3. Set Your Alarm

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Wake up an hour or two hours earlier than normal. Give yourself time in the morning; time to actually enjoy your breakfast, and time to actually breathe! We become some flustered and overwhelmed when we rush and we get so frustrated with ourselves. So set your alarm earlier this week and fit in some relaxation time in the AM.

Incorporate these three tips this week, and you’ll be all set in the right direction!