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Put Your Phone Down, Focus & Put The Work In!


I’m not sure if people do it because it’s ‘trendy’  but I feel like some people are obsessed with sharing every little bit of their journey so we’re aware that ‘you outchea workin!”


Don’t get me wrong, posting your grind can be just as much motivation for yourself as it can be to your followers but are you REALLY GRINDIN?


I remember being soooo inspired by Beyonce’s LEMONADE project and marketing roll out execution because she literally had gone ghost. The #Beyhive was anxiously anticipating for the next Beyonce sighting. A sign from God or something! ‘Omg, she’s about to drop something look at her braids!’ ‘omg, where is Bey? Is new music coming? What is she doing!’

And then BOOM! HBO drops trailer for Lemonade visual premiere. BOOM! Lemonade the visual album is released. BOOM! Tour tickets go on sale. 🐝


I was left in amazement like, ‘WOW! So THAT’S what she’s been working on!” You can tell she put 110% into that shit!

Starting out, I remember most days my grind was UGLY! I mean some days you may just slap ya hair into a ponytail, throw on some activewear, fresh natural faced, and keep it pushin’. I was so focused on the bigger picture, so busy being a sponge and staying at the radio station late, I didn’t really have time to post to remind people that I was ‘outchea gettin it.’ By graduation they were already aware because I was already on commercial radio. #Results


I say all that to say; it’s okay to put your head down and focus on your goals. No one can argue with results. When it comes to business, results are all they care about anyway! Furthermore, things fall apart sometimes. Deals aren’t finalized. Budgets get cut. Postponements happen. LIFE. Many people are still fueling their dreams financially with their full time job, juggling parenting and may be too damn tired to post every little thing while trying to balance. Don’t feel obligated. Be mindful of what you decide to share and what you might want to hold on too a little bit longer. The more you share, the more people feel entitled to know. And shit, why shouldn’t they feel that way? You’ve posted yourself in the studio every night for 2 years straight, we wanna hear the got damn mixtape!? Ahaha.

Not the best analogy but you get the picture.

So while ya scrollin’ down Instagram thinking ‘wow, everybody out here gettin’ it! I need to step it up!’ Just know that some of them are pump fakin’ and fishin’ for likes. You just stay persistent on that plan of yours. Share what you’d like but don’t beat yourself up too much about it. Focus on putting the work in because no one can argue with results. 💪🏾


 I Don’t Trust Girls That Don’t Have Friends, Here’s Why


I realize I’m very blessed to have childhood best friends in my life and a close circle of female friends who keep everything A1 with me. Not everyone is blessed in that way, but I can’t trust a chick who doesn’t have girlfriends.


Girlfriend-less women are special breeds. We call them strays. Aimlessly bouncing from clique to clique. Posting photos with the chick(s) she was just poppin’ sh*t about. Opportunist. These type of women have a twisted sense of loyalty and never make genuine connections. It may because they’re manipulative or self-absorbed, or a little bit of both. No matter the issue, they are the common denominator for a reason.


I don’t know where I would be without my best friends! Seriously!  I’m what you call a “girls girl” so I’m all about screaming Spice Girl lyrics to the top of our lungs with hairbrush microphones in our pajamas type of Girls Trip shit. I literally have like six best girlfriends (five pictured). I admire and love them all the same, just for different reasons. We chat everyday. I have line-sisters or college girlfriends with whom I’m pretty tight with too. All of the friendships I attract all have one thing in common: beautiful girls who are witty, book smart, street smart, independent & knows how to let loose and party!

See, you find out a lot about a person by their circle of friends. Those are the people who can vouch that you’re accountable, trustworthy, dependable and self-less. I just find it hard to trust the type of women who don’t have anyone to vouch for their character.


Now please do not get this type of woman confused with someone who is a loner and chooses to roll through life solo dolo. That’s different than the I wanna-be-down-like-Brandy type of chick. I recognize that some women may not have many girlfriends because of their past bad experiences with women. I totally get that. But come on, even Oprah has Gale.


I believe every woman should at least have one close female friend they confide in. Girl time is important! (Some people really don’t know what it is to BE A GOOD FRIEND in the first place, but we’ll go over Girl Code another day!) I get best of both worlds because I am a girls girl and I also work in an industry full of men, which allows me to be the homegirl too. Any chick who’s ever crossed me, literally becomes dead to me. My friendship is too much of an asset to have to question loyalty. I’m not sure why Rihanna and I aren’t real life BFF’s yet but anyway, back to what I was saying…

I don’t do strays boo.

Me and my clique roll tight like The Firm.

2018: GO BIG!



I am not the same person I was before 2017 started. I’ve learned some major keys this year that I can’t wait to apply in 2018 and life in general, moving forward.  A few major keys I’m keeping with me:


Focus On What You Can Control: Why worry about the things you can’t control when you could instead focus on the things that depend on you? The universe is going to do it’s thing. Let it. There was a point in this year where every week I felt like I was getting bad news. Whatever the case, just keep going. Focus on what you CAN do.


Patience: Not gonna lie, I’m very impatient but I’ve gotten much better. I want to blame my impatience on being a true Sagittarius. We’re just very impulsive beings. Learn what works for you. I have a breathing technique. I may say a little prayer. Whatever is going to help me in that moment to not burn that m%thaf#cka down. When it comes to the bigger picture of the journey–THAT’S where my patience comes in. I’ve learned the journey is what it’s all about, not the destination.


Pay Attention To Who’s In Your Corner: Living in LA will show you how you could be with the same people every single day but that doesn’t mean you should consider them your friend. The same people that are in my corner are the same ones that’s been there for years and never switched up. Show your gratitude to those people. They keep you grounded.


In 2017, I worked as a  social media manager at an agency, had my own show on Dash Radio. Living in Los Angeles allowed me make a lot of connections that I feel will come full circle soon. Earned a spot on Billboard Magazine & Diddy’s 100 Trailblazers list- just to get signed as the only DeLeon Tequila female Ambassador in Washington, D.C a few months later. And alas, getting my  radio show on 93.9 WKYS-DC, the #7 radio market after working in market #42 (Norfolk, VA Beach). Woah dere! WHAT A JUMP!


So GO BIG ALL 2018! Because, WHY NOT!?


I’ve taken too many risk and learned too many gems to be worried about failure chile. In 2017, I cried over heartbreak, totaled my car, took some loses amongst other disappointments that were only redirecting my focus. There’s a version of me I have to show the world. So in 2018, let’s DO IT BIG DENNN!


Happy New Year to you!