Hailing from the first state that marks the South, where afro-centric culture meets the urban art-infused place for lovers, Richmond, VA is where Iconique Clothing was born. Founded in 2014 by Virginia Commonwealth University alumni Jerome Stewart and Penn State alumni Michael Crawford Iconique brings the flavor from the backgrounds of its founders to create the brand’s urban essence and appeal. Iconique’s design inspiration comes from the surrounding ever changing art whose uniqueness makes it special. Like art, Iconique will always change, change to reflect what’s going on in our society, the season, the makings of new partnerships and what makes sense for fashion and life at this current state. Playing on the words ‘icon’ and ‘unique’, Iconique is such a powerful name that represents the state of mind every individual should feel in and out of this clothing line.

Iconique is the brand for the person who expresses their individuality by being passionate about their craft and standing out in the world because of it. Everybody has something that can’t be imitated nor copied and Iconique is a clothing authority that lets people know that it’s okay to go against the grain and what society says is trendy.

“Other clothing lines follow the trend, Iconique tries to push the envelope and try something different. A lot of African Americans design for name brands that we know, other black owners sell up and go on other business ventures. We at Iconique stay universal and ensure our clothes can be worn by anybody,” says founder Jerome Stewart.

When asked how Iconique fits into the world of art and design, founder Jerome passionately commented on how fashion has always been a means of expression for him.

“Fashion has made me and it will always be me. Through the things we’ve created for everyone to wear we’ve lived it, the colors we spit out onto our clothing lines we’ve felt through previous times in our lives. The way it fits is how your clothes fit you and who you are in this specific point in time. They say you are what you eat .. but here in the Iconique industry you are what you wear and that’s greatness.”

A person’s fashion sense is a big representation of who they are to the world and Iconique let’s the world know that they take the saying ‘destined for greatness’ to another level. In many of the designs, you will often notice the appearance of ‘Lord’ or the number 47, the repetition is significant to the messages that the brand promotes. The number 47 represents the year (1947) that founder Jerome’s father was born. Something his father always instilled in him was that he would always be great, and with a blessing like that this clothing line is going nowhere but on a constant upward climb. The common design element Lord is a visual affirmation to consumers that you are someone that has the power, influence and talent that others see and respect clearly. This goes to say that everyone is spectacular at something and with proper focus, support and dedication anyone can master their craft.

At Iconique, it’s more than just clothing. Iconique lives and breathes to empower all.

From one business to another, the Iconique team supports other black corporations which the culture needs more of. Reaching into the community that paved the way for them, Iconique partnerships are numerous making them even more of a powerhouse. Most recently Iconique paired up with local business Pink and Glam to design a custom shirt for their Makeup and Mimosas event which also debuted in Richmond. Highlighting this partnership is especially important because it sheds a light on the importance to support one another as we stand in different and similar lanes.

With open arms Jerome and his team enthusiastically built a bridge to stand by a new business and merge the loyal audiences that impact the Richmond community in which both businesses serve. Embodying both signature logos and design aspects, the shirts were the perfect blend of classic and bold Iconique meets feminine and glamorous Pink and Glam. As this brand supports other companies, acclaimed industry names additionally show the love right back. Actress and Grammy nominated singer Antonique Smith as well as singers Dej Loaf and The Voice participant T Soul, just to name a few can be found rocking their Iconique swag spreading not only the word and love but the message that Iconique is for every person who cares to stand out.

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