The Queen Of Hip Hop Soul finally got her star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame just in time for her 47th birthday!

Mary’s celebration was nothing short of #BlackExcellence with presenters like Diddy, Tyrese, Andre Harrell, Jimmy lovine, Angie Martinez along with family, friends and fans.


 “This is about our sister getting her star on Hollywood, getting her true recognition. This thing is also about family. We’ve been through a whole lot. We started from nothing. I used to pick Mary up from the projects. I had me a Volkswagen Rabbit. I had two rims on it. I couldn’t afford four. We would drive down the highway in New York and just dream. We would say, ‘We wanna be somebody. We wanna be big. We wanna big something for our people. We wanna come and shake up the world.’ And we did that.” -Diddy


The Queen also shared a few words expressing her humble gratitude .

 “I’m so grateful for this star right now, because I’ve earned it probably three times. But I’m so grateful that I have it. I’m so grateful. I say that with confidence, not arrogance. I say that because I know it now, I know my worth, and I understand what this means.”

MJB is just glowing honey!

As she should be after not only receiving her Hollywood star, but her very first Golden Globe nominations for her performance in MudBound on Netflix! Including one for Best Supporting Actress and one for Best Original Song.

Have you streamed it yet?