The heartbreaking news of legendary music executive Andre Harrell passing was definitely a huge shock to the culture.

Diddy broke his silence after a few days by highlighting part of the speech he gave during a Pre-Grammys Gala:

In the clip, Diddy takes the time to express his appreciation to Andre Harrell for being a true mentor and father figure.

Last year, BET mentioned they were working to produce a mini series about Andre Harrell and Uptown Records.

Now according to Variety, BET Executives say the show will go on:

“We are mourning the loss of a cultural icon, Andre Harrell, a chief architect of the modern hip-hop and R&B sound.”

“Andre was tremendously excited about sharing the origin story of Uptown Records, and its pivotal role in the urban music landscape. With his tragic passing, BET is committed to ensuring that the Uptown limited series event tells both the Uptown story and Andre’s story — that of the incredible music innovator, man and friend to so many.”

If the finished product of the mini series is anything like Harrell’s career, it is sure to be ground-breaking.