I mean, can Beyonce just be President already? Or at least we can start with the governor of Texas. 

Fresh off of her latest ICY PARK Adidas collection, Queen Bey is providing some relief for her fellow Texans.

Through her BEYGOOD foundation and Bread of Life, a Houston disaster relief organization,  residents of Texas will be provided with grants of up to $1,000. Residents can see if they qualify by using this form.

BREAD OF LIFE is also accepting donations for those looking to help Texans trying to survive freezing temperatures with  power outages.

Meanwhile,  Donald Glover has just brought former First Daughter, Malia Obama on board for his new upcoming  Amazon show, ‘Hive.’ Sources say the TV series will follow a ‘Beyonce-like figure.’ The show is apart of his latest multi-million dollar deal with the platform.

Looks like it’s safe to say Malia Obama will not be following her parents footsteps in the world of politics but writing and producing in television instead. Do remember she was once an intern on the set of the HBO show Girls, as well as at Harvey Weinstein’s production company.

Let’s go Malia! You’re doing amazing sweetie!


–And Donald, we’ve been waiting for a new season of Atlanta forever, can we put a rush on it?