We have learned beauty standards since we were little. Don’t go out the house without earrings on… keep a manicure and a pedicure… where do you think you’re going ashy!

It’s been engraved in our heads that certain things represent beauty and that others do not, but beauty is more than what meets the eye. Beauty is feeling happy, confident and loving who you are. Being beautiful is rocking your fresh face or being “beat” face if that’s what you so choose. Beautiful is when you feel the most alive and that beauty will radiate from within outward. Beauty is effortless and different for every single person, but beautiful is you, not your appearance but those moments when you believe everything feels perfect.



In moments where you don’t feel it just remember that beauty is being you. Notice that you can’t spell beautiful without the letter “U” and you are beautiful inside and out. So honey short hair don’t care, draggin’ a wagon or just unique in your own way, you are beautiful and a force to be reckoned with. Keep shining out and be[you]tiful.

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