So the word is; Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton and his longtime girlfriend and baby mama have called it quits after he secretly fathered a child behind her back.

According to Sports Gossip, Cam and Kia Porter quietly split back in October after Newton had a baby with Instagram Model La Reina Shaw. Rumors started circulating after nosey fans noticed Cam  and Kia were no longer following each other on social media and Kia has seemed to deleted all photos of Cam on her page.


According to records, Newton sued Proctor for paternity, joint custody and visitation over the summer for Chosen, 5, Sovereign-Dior, three, Camidas Swain, two and Cashmere Saint, who was born in September 2019. Newton has acknowledged that he signed the kids’ birth certificates  but is still asking for DNA proof.

Allegedly he’s been voluntarily paying child support but wants the court to figure out a fair dollar amount. Proctor, of course countersued for full physical custody, child support, health benefits, life insurance for the children and her lawyer fees.

According to a source, La Reina Shaw was spotted bringing in 2020 with him at his restaurant “Fellaship” in Atlanta.

Here is a peek at his new boo.