According to the New York Daily News, the 34-year-old singer-songwriter sealed the deal about a week ago but her camp was trying to keep it under wraps to avoid potential backlash. Well, that didn’t work. Chrisette’s mentions have been in shambles ever since.



Legendary singer Jennier Holliday recently backed out of performing at Trumps inauguration shit show  after a wave of criticism and disappointment from the LGBT community. Doesn’t look like Chrisette has the balls to back out though-she released an open letter titled “We Can’t Be Present If We’re Silent.”


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Meanwhile back at the ranch, Twitter has already canceled the former Motown singers career with the trending hashtag, #ChrisetteIsCancelled.

— Da Curvylitist 💋 (@fabfreshandfly) January 18, 2017


The inauguration festivities are underway in Washington, D.C  over the next three days and is slated to feature performances from country singer Toby Keith, Motown crooner Sam Moore, and rock group 3 Doors Down, among others. 

Despite a few scheduled events being cancelled due to lack of support  and interest, President-elect Trump will host the Make America Great Again Welcome Celebration on Thursday. Nearly 50 House Democrats refuse to attend the the inaugural swearing-in ceremony on Friday followed by the inaugural parade and inaugural balls.

A national prayer service will then take place on Saturday. Several anti-Trump protests are also taking place this week and into the weekend all across the country so be safe kids and spread love!