When I don’t know what to do with my hair, I don’t want to do my hair or my hair style is stale my go-to hairdo is a bun. I wear this little sleek bun so much that it’s become my signature look. To achieve the bun I put lots of product in my hair to maintain the slicked back look. I start off with a heavy layer of moisturizer to protect my hair from the harsh alcohols found in my next layer which is gel. Once I’ve smoothed my hair down with gel, I put on a scarf and my bun is flawless. So a few days to a week later, I try to wash and style my hair and it doesn’t come out with as much bounce as I know I have. Why? My hair is clogged up with all of the products that I use, and that means it’s time to clarify. 

Clarifying shampoos typically strip your hair of any oils, build up from products or any residue left on your hair. Sometimes this process leaves your hair a little dry, but it’s definitely necessary especially if you’re someone like me who repetitively uses a lot of heavy products. Clarifying your hair is a little more intense than a regular wash, so when you do it find good products to use. image1 (1)

To clarify my hair,  I prefer to use an Apple Cider Vinegar solution, but there are tons of shampoos created for this. I find that ACV does wonders for your body, skin and that’s why I also apply it to my hair. For the recipe, I’m not going to confuse you with some fancy  measurements, all I do is put a little ACV in the bottom of a spray bottle and add warm water to fill up the rest. If I had to draft measurements, I’d say 1/3 ACV diluted with warn water.

So first, shampoo like you normally would and then spray the ACV solution all over your hair. It will bring the shine and elasticity back to your hair. ACV works like a conditioner, so some people opt to skip conditioning but because I like the added moisture I still do the condition step afterwards. For great results, leave the ACV in your hair for a few minutes, yes it has a scent but the smell will not be left on your hair. Once you’re done, you should feel a difference in your hair. Remember not to use Apple Cider Vinegar too often as the acidity will take a toll on your hair, it’s a harsh cleanser. Try this method once a month for best results!

That’s it y’all! Keep your eyes on Sky for more insiders!