Shout out to all my divas that’s out here beatin’ face! But can y’all do me a favor and make sure you clean your makeup brushes frequently and let me tell you why:

Dirty brushes deposit germs directly on your face and will break you out. We wash and moisturize our face daily to make sure our skin is clean, vibrant and healthy. What good is the effort that we put into our skin if we follow up our face regimen with caked up makeup brushes? Some people think that foundation and other makeup products break them out when it really could be your makeup process and not products.

Depending on how you store your makeup brushes can also determine the kinds of germs they’re exposed to. If you leave your brushes out in a container on the sink, then spray some hair products or a body fragrance you’ve just added two more chemicals that may end up on your face. The more you clean them, the less random chemicals you expose your face and brushes to.


Dirty makeup brushes don’t place color as nicely as clean ones. Whether you’re trying to achieve a natural look or a dramatic eye, you want your shadow colors to be as vibrant in your application as they are in the pot. Makeup products, especially eye shadow won’t look as potent as they would with clean brushes during application.

Dip a makeup brush that hasn’t been washed in months in your products? You’ve just contaminated your makeup products by doing so. Do not go out and buy new products, just wash your brushes frequently. And yes, even your powder brushes not just liquid brushes. Your beauty blender counts as a brush too.

No, you do not have to go out and buy an expensive makeup brush cleaner, here’s a few household items that you can use as your own cleaner:

  1. Hand soap or mild body soap – Dial is always great, but really any mild, unscented soap will work. **This is the method that I prefer, not for any particular reason besides always having some type of soap on hand.
  2. Clarifying or baby shampoo – The perfect cleanser that’s light enough to apply to your makeup brushes.
  3. Dish detergent – Everybody has a little Dawn in the kitchen. Go grab it and lather your brushes up.

After washing your makeup brushes, never dry them standing up with the bristles pointing towards the ceiling. This allows the left over water to soak down into the shaft of the brush handle and loosen the glue that holds the brush and it’s bristles together. I’ve dumped some lumps of money in good brushes, so don’t nobody got time for that. The best drying method is to grab a body towel, lay it on the ground and then lay your brushes on the towel. After a few hours, they will air dry perfectly.


If you find that your brushes are dry after washing, try a dab of oil to help moisturize. Olive or almond oil is great for this. I would go for almond oil because it’s a great product to put on your face alone, but we all know olive oil has many uses and both can be purchased for relatively cheap in a grocery or drug store.

Try to wash your makeup brushes at least once a month, every two weeks would be best, thank me later for that acne that seemed to disappear. Also, if you use your makeup brushes on your friends or you are an inspiring MUA, definitely wash your brushes after use on someone else. Gotta keep our faces clean and purty!

That’s it y’all! Keep your eyes on Sky for more insiders!