Tomi Lahren hasn’t learned that sometimes, some things are better left unsaid. It seems that every time a Black person shines light on re-occurring issues in our community, or show how proud we are of our culture this lady tries to tear it down.

She is no stranger to going on long rants about how we shouldn’t be bothered by the things we go through. If you remember after Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance in Februarary, paying homage to the Black Panthers for Black History Month, Tomi was yet again offended.

She quoted, “Your husband was a drug dealer. For fourteen years, he sold crack cocaine. Talk about protecting black neighborhoods? Start at home,”…”Beyoncé, just like President Obama, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Al Sharpton and so many others that just can’t let America heal, you keep ripping off the historical bandaid. Why be a cultural leader when you can play the victim, right?,”(

Now months later she’s back at it again after hearing the speech Jessie Williams delivered at the BET Awards. She takes it as far as saying we are victimizing ourselves when it comes to issues like slavery and police brutality.

See her rant below.

(World Star Hip Hop)