Yes, DMV! I am the official new Midday host on 93.9 WKYS with Urban-One!

I am thrilled to be the voice of your middays 10a-3pm Monday through Friday and Saturdays 10a-2pm! This market is so like home for me and I am so grateful for the opportunity to entertain all D.C, Maryland and my home state of Virginia during your midday. Thank you for all of the kind words and your support! It’s important to me to keep all of my supporters entertained and to make them proud!


As I mentioned in my Instagram post, it feels so good to accomplish something you once wrote down as #GoalsAsf!  During my tenure in Los Angeles, I took the time to explore the social media marketing and the tech world. Dab into radio streaming platforms like Dash Radio and explore the strengths of my other talents. I’m ecstatic to join the WKYS family! I’ve listened to this station for years and it is truly a dream come true to rock these legendary airwaves. Please tune in and follow me on my journey to becoming a true Media Queen in Charge.

*Aint this what y’all been waiting for?* ✨ AHEM Let me first say, DREAMS COME TRUE! Don’t ever stop dream chasing and don’t allow anyone to put you in a box. Before I moved to LA last year my heart was in this market (friggin ❤️DC) , this amazing heritage station…the timing wasn’t aligning. God allowed me to chase my Cali dreams, I experienced some very high HIGHS but also some of the lowest lows I’ve ever had in my entire life. Whole time he was working on THIS!! Whole time I learned so many things about myself, worked first hand in social media marketing to better the success of my app & planted so many seeds for my career. Every low, every tear, every hardship, humbled me for THIS. I would do it all again! I had someone tell me about a year ago that I couldn’t get in a TOP 10 radio market so soon. That there’s older ppl who’s been doing it longer who gets these opportunities & that I needed to aim lower & work my way up. NAH. —-So it feels so good to be able to announce that I am officially the new Midday host on @939wkys!! Lock in 10a-3p M-F!! Radio will always be my first love, my goal is longevity & to be the ultimate #MediaQueen on every outlet. Relaunching my website, my app & getting on the tizzube is up next! (howyewdewin) Don’t let anything stop you. Stay humble an eager to learn and outwork the next person. I promise to remain FEARLESS & resilient. THANK YOU @posterchildj1 for believing in me! @kashonp I can never repay you for all you’ve taught me but I promise to make you proud!! DMV ITS OFFICIAL; #DIVAsInTheDistrict TO STAY!! I gave the east coast time, but TIMES UP DIVAS BACK!! & ITS.SO.FRIGGIN.LITTTT!!!

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Looking forward to shaking up the DMV! Make sure you stay tuned in and I would love for you to come out and celebrate with me all over the city! Keep up with me as details!

Download the WKYS app to my show live from all over the world!

Or HERE if you have an Android phone.