Unfortunately, even in the middle of a global pandemic, some people are looking to make as much money as they can by tuggin’ on your heart strings.

The robocall starts with them pretending to care about you and your families well being, then comes the sales pitch.

“For only $159 our highly trained technicians will do a full air duct cleaning and sanitation to make sure the air you breathe is free of bacteria.”


They also go on to say, “if you are diabetic and using insulin, we can qualify you to get a free diabetic monitor and complementary testing kit for coronavirus.”

This call of course never leads to any coronavirus cleaning but it is designed to scare you into spending some of your hard-earned cash.


“These scams are praying on the most vulnerable,” Alex Quilici is the CEO of Youmail…a developer of robocall blocking software.

“People who fall for the testing scam are probably people who are really worried they might have been exposed to the coronavirus,” Quilici said.

The coronavirus robocall scams come in all forms. Don’t fall for the work from home one either;

“Hello this is a courtesy invitation to work with Amazon from home and make up to $400 a day. No sales or technical experience are needed, work from home you set your own schedule.”