Well clearly he can’t say too much at all, but the Real Whirl Podcast tried their best to get an exclusive with Eric Holder, the man accused of killing rapper and philanthropist Nipsey Hussle.


Holder is currently awaiting trial within the next few weeks and according to the New York Daily News, should only last about two weeks.

Although their interview attempt was cut very short, with the host putting money on his books, Holder vows to give them a call after his trial. It will be interesting to see if he does indeed keep his word.  Several listeners are already upset at just the mere thought of Holder sharing “his side of the story” while others agree that every man has a right to speak their truth.

Either way, honestly if he does do an interview with this particular platform or not, we have to admit we would likely press play.

Meanwhile in LaLa Land….who started this rumor that Lauren London was dating Diddy?

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We personally knew nothing of this rumor until she recently addressed it via Instagram.