What a life changing experience! What a whirlwind! Would I do it again for my baby boy? Yes. His smile and giggle makes everything worth it. Do I want more children? Hold the fuck up. Gimmie a minute ok. LOL.


I only say gimmie a minute because after this experience I realize the whole pregnancy process really is about two years. I mean of course it takes 9 months of carrying the baby but many don’t talk about postpartum months and the whole first year after. The entire year after having the baby is full of ups and downs. Some women experience severe depression, I mean there are so many things completely OUTTA WACK! I remember just standing in the shower a week after having baby Kash just barely able to lift my own leg to wash my feet. I was so sore and I hadn’t done any research on C-Section recovery. Titties full of milk and stiff as hell. I just stood there trying to wash myself through the pain- crying and laughing at the same time. I mean, I didn’t really know what else to do. That’s how out-of-wack my hormones were!

As the weeks flew by and as my body healed, things got a bit easier. I stopped breastfeeding much faster than I ever expected but it was the best decision for me. My milk began to dry up naturally. I wasn’t getting any sleep and when I should’ve been sleeping I just laid there with anxiety about if my body would produce enough milk to satisfy my baby. After I began supplementing his milk I felt even more back to myself. (Yes, a glass of wine is self care.)

Listen, the first year is going to have it’s ups and downs honey! Along the way there will be small milestones that will help you feel like yourself again. Like, the first time you run an errand without the baby, the first night out with your girls, the first day back at work or the first date-night without baby– will all make you feel a bit like your old self again! Embrace those moments. The nights stay long but the days get better honey. Trust.

Here I am one year later and I can finally say I FEEL LIKE ME AGAIN! WHEW! I’ve always been a career woman. Very much a mover and a shaker and a baby does slow you down. I am blessed to feel like it was the perfect time for me and now I’m excited to finally feel confident enough to add more things to my plate again and even dive into new endeavors! I am confident in my son’s schedule and milestones that I can switch to my #MomBoss hat when I need too and still stay on top of things..

Organization is key! Oh and write mad shit down. I mean everywhere. On the fridge, agenda book, journals, phone, wherever. That’s key!

Check on ya new mommy friends. Be gentle with them. They may be feeling the ‘baby blues’ or experiencing Postpartum Depression. That wasn’t my postpartum experience but either way it’s a rocky road. For awhile I felt like there was a ‘mommy fog’ hovering over me. I just couldn’t seem to get GOING on things I wanted to do for myself. Like, actually start this #MommyBlog for an example. I decided to give myself a little grace being that my first year of motherhood also happened to be in the middle of a pandemic. Today I can finally blog and say that my FIRST YEAR MOMMY FOG IS GONE! IM BACK BITCHES! Ahaha! I know you thought I was back but IM BACK BACK. A NEW, more IMPROVED me is still loading but I wouldn’t change being a Mommy to Kash for anything in the world. He’s given me so much more motivation. This is world domination.

So with my new #MommyMondayBlogs, allow me to re-introduce myself. I’ll be sharing my Mom Life experiences here and feel free to share yours with me too! I will forever be appreciative of those moms who shared their insight with me before I joined the club. We must be willing to share and work together to take care of our village, because it definitely takes one to raise one.  Look out for new  #MomLife blog every Monday right here and feel free to let me know any specific topics you think I should cover. Thank you for reading.

Love ya, Mean it. 💋