Looks like Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officer Brently Vinson will not face charges in the killing of Keith Lamont Scott.

The New York Times reports:

A Charlotte, N.C., police officer will not face charges in the fatal shooting in September of a black resident, Keith Lamont Scott, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

The Sept. 20 shooting of Mr. Scott, who the police said had a handgun when he was killed, set off days of unrest in North Carolina’s largest city and led to immense public pressure on the police to release dashboard and body camera recordings, which did not prove that Mr. Scott had been armed.

Still, the decision not to prosecute the officer, Brentley Vinson, who is black, was not a surprise. In September, the chief of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Kerr Putney, said that the officer was “absolutely not being charged by me at this point.”

The Scott family released a statement asking for all of the protest surrounding the incident be kept peaceful.




So far four people in Charlotte have been arrested during protest as of Wednesday night.