I mean, finally right? I almost thought we lost him.

frankmemeFrank Ocean teased the pending release date on his website,, with an image of a library due date card. The first date on the card, marked July 2015, is scratched off, followed by a series of dates, and ending with July 2016.


To go along with this card, Ocean also republished a post from last year that suggested Boys Don’t Cry would be out in July 2015.


Boys Don’t Cry is the long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s critically-lauded channel ORANGE. The celebrated project earned Ocean a Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

With his recent public letter to the victims of the Orlando shooting, to sharing intimate moments about his childhood, we’re ready to hear what Frank’s been up too since his 2012 Grammy award winning debut, channel ORANGE.

At this point to be quite Frank-just drop the damn album boy! We all want to hear it!