After a fun, yummy, holiday weekend, it may be time for a recovery formula!

You deserve to have fun, but you also have to detox and replenish your body afterwards as well. Here are 4 recovery tips for after a crazy weekend!

1. Water
lemonwaterDuh. Your body needs this more than ever now. Start your morning with a cup of warm water with lemons. Lemons are a natural detox that flushes and assists the body with digesting and eliminating your food. Also, constantly drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated as well.

2. Probiotics
Probiotics-Can-Increase-The-Obesity-And-Affect-Your-Health Probiotics are sooo important! It’s a great way to boost the good bacteria in your system to help with digestion and eliminating waste. Some natural probiotics include: yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, miso soup, cabbage, soy milk, and dark chocolate.

3. Ginger tea
Cup of ginger tea with lemon on wooden tableGinger tea is an excellent way to stop bloating. The tea will eliminate toxins from your system and help absorb nutrients as well. It’s also super yummy, so that’s always a plus!

4. Yoga

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 9.52.11 AM_zpsrkvbbahmIf you aren’t in the mood for a full blown workout, no worries, just stretch instead. Stretching increases energy levels, relaxes the body and allows for a greater circulation of blood. It brings nutrients to our cells and removes waste byproducts.

So if you’re pretty disgusted with the amount of food you ate, or the amount of liquor you consumed over the weekend… Just relax! With these 4 tips your body will recover and you’ll feel 1000x better!