Everyone loves a good diet trend.

You know, something quick to help you lose weight fast and get those bodies summer ready!

Whether its juicing, vegan, or the good ole master cleanse… it seems like us females are willing to try anything.

About two weeks ago, @DrayaMichele posted something about a “Master Cleanse” and how she’s doing it to lose weight.

She then mentioned how Beyoncé did the cleanse to lose weight in preparation for her role in Dream Girls.

BIH WHET? What is this Master Cleanse?

Two things that’ll get my attention are ways to lose weight and muva Yoncé!

So immediately I googled allllll about this Master Cleanse.

What is the Master Cleanse?
I learned that the Master Cleanse is a minimum of 10-days, but some people continue for 14-days or even 21-days. This cleanse is suppose to remove toxins from the body, and it’ll help with weight loss as well. Sounds good right?

What can you eat during the Master Cleanse?
Nothing. Ha!
You drink lemon detox water, made with water, freshly squeezed lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. In addition to that, you’re allowed to drink a liter of sea salt water in the morning, as much water as you want throughout the day, peppermint or mint tea throughout the day, and a detox/laxative tea at night.
Surprisingly, the lemon detox water was actually very good and sweet.

Why did I start the Master Cleanse?
After researching the cleanse, there were so many reviews about how hard it was, but then so many reviews about how beneficial it was as well. So honestly, I looked at it as a challenge.
Could I do it?
Well, I didn’t know if I could or not… But I damn sure wanted to try.

How hard was the Master Cleanse?
Was it hard? Helllllllll yea. Was it worth it? HELL YEA.
So honestly, the first day was the hardest. Day 2 and Day 3 were pretty intense as well, but after Day 3, YOU ARE GOOD! Believe me. The headaches and discomfort completely goes away.
So just keep telling yourself, “Just get to Day 3” and you’ll be fine.

Benefits of the Master Cleanse:
Babyyyy!!! WON’T HE DO IT!!!!
Note that I’m soooo PRO-EATING! I believe we should all eat five small meals a day, and get the appropriate amount of macronutrients, yada yada yada. I can’t really function if I don’t have breakfast and I’m grumpy when I’m hungry.

So after Day 1, I was completely over it. I mean o-v-e-r it! So I told myself I’d see how I felt for Day 2 to determine if I would continue or not.
Well I woke up on Day 2, completely energized. I mean I popped out of bed as if I had a red bull the night before mixed with a pre-workout supplement and coffee. I’ve neverrrrr had so much energy. It was so refreshing and so rewarding to me that I had to see how Day 3 would go.

Plus, after Day 1, I was already down 2 pounds… So I couldn’t help but to visualize my results after Day 10.
In addition to energy, my skin… Y’all.
One of the best benefits from this cleanse was the mind power. I was led to believe that if I didn’t have breakfast before 11am, I’d probably die. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be able to go 10 days without eating. This restored so much confidence in me.

Today, I believe in myself 1000x more than I ever did.
Throughout the cleanse, I had to constantly talk myself through it, “It’s almost over… the results are worth it… you can do it.” For once, I was my own cheerleader and I loved that so much.
My mind and soul have felt so free throughout these last 10-days and I honestly feel more aligned with God than ever.

It’s mind power.
It’s discipline.
It’s magic.

So after day 10, I lost 10lbs that I never thought I needed to lose.
I do expect to gain some of the weight back, but this cleanse has really rewarded me more than just weight loss.
So because of that, I’d do it all over again.

Sometimes you have to just do it. And then keep doing it.
Don’t turn back.
Just keep going.

Learn more about The Master Cleanse here.

Xoxo, Ryen