Get ready Insecure lovers, Issa Rae is collaborating with author Angela Flournoy to bring a new ’90s show to life!

The Golden Globe nominee is serving as the executive producer while Flournoy writes the script. According to Deadline Hollywood, the series will be centered around a black couple, Sheryl and Jackson, and their family. Sheryl is a “bounds-pushing real estate agent” while her hubby Jackson is a “conflicted LAPD anti-gang task force recruit.”

Issa Rae recently told Deadline, “I am so thrilled to be working with Angela. I was a huge fan of The Turner House and we feel so lucky to bring her beautiful storytelling to HBO.”

There’s no word yet on the title of the new series or a release date but anything Issa Rae touches is HOT so we’re sure we won’t miss it!